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Two dresses per night: the new fashion among actresses in galas

The latest trends in marriage, which consists of not betting on one wedding dress, but choosing one for the ceremony and another for the next celebration, has now reached the world of the red carpet. While the gown designed for the red carpet had to deal with pressure because it was chosen to take the headlines, criticism and stress of being or not included in the evening’s best appearance, the designs that were degraded for their party were far freer and therefore far more runny. For stylists, this is the perfect opportunity to improve their work; they bet on different brands on the same night and can choose a more classic and risky model.

For celebrities, it is a perfect possibility to monopolize all major headlines by wearing two performances that deserve applause, or, if it fails with one appearance, to be able to compensate for the second. If there is a second chance, in the fashion industry it is about changing clothes after stepping on the red carpet to go to a party later.

In addition, the stars have the opportunity to put horns for signatures with which they have a fresh contract to be able to use another model at the end of the caulking, as Jennifer Lawrence has shown twice, who after wearing Christian Dior – with a contract, of course – during two years at the Oscars, she performed at the ‘Vanity Fair’ party with models Tom Ford and Alexander Wang.

Another reason why the actress changes evening gowns to go to parties is, of course, comfort. We must also consider that it is uncomfortable or functional to party with large volume dresses and delicate ingredients that might end up being tarnished by drinks or food, especially now because fast food is one of the preferred party dishes after galas. Some even go so far as to wear dresses that look similar to the long silk nightgown because, well, why not? Is there anything more relaxing than a nightgown?

One of the pioneers in the double dress was Cameron Diaz, who went to the Oscars in 2010 wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown that was later changed to an asymmetrical gown by Victoria Beckham. While I usually see this trend at Oscars and at the Golden Globes, of course it’s at the MET gala where the changes are most drastic. Although participants usually bet on the same brand that night, there are people who ‘betrayed’ the company that has been their companion on the red carpet to choose another model that is more comfortable later.

While Gigi Hadid replaced her spectacular Atelier Versace for a comfortable signature suit, Priyanka Chopra took off a velvet dress from Ralph Lauren to wear a comfortable two-piece Alberta Ferretti suit. What if the actress had a problem with Ralph Lauren because they had to change brands? Not all. In fact, the company was tasked with forming her wedding dress.

The conclusion of this trend is that in fashion, ‘I am given two’ is beneficial to everyone. And for the media, why deny it, giving us life, work, and other reasons to analyze trends. And behind this phenomenon, the fashion industry is stretching. Online dress shops like JJ’s House are increasingly encouraged to serve each of their customers, providing more choices of dresses according to the latest trends.