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Understanding Bed Bugs And Where Do They Come From

Bed bugs, with a scientific name of Cimex Lectularius, are insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded organisms. They have strong sensory instincts that help them to detect their prey at midnight.

Owing to their small size, they are compatible with most living places, be it under the mattress or furniture. It is highly advocated to contact a local bed bug exterminator to have an anti-pest treatment at your home. On your personal level, you can control the bed bugs by comprehending their way of living and infestation.

Peculiar traits of bed bugs

To understand the growth of bed bugs and deal with it properly, you should be familiar with the nature and suitable habitat of these insects. Some key features to know about bed bugs are:

●     Movement

They lost their wings in gradual evolution, but they are swift in action and are great hitchhikers. They can easily mount on clothes, luggage, chairs, and other movable furniture to move from one place to the other.

●     Reproduction

If you allow a bed bug to retain its nest at your house, you are in for a considerable risk. The typical female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs, thus increasing the threat of major infestation by manifolds.

●     Depreciation Resistance

Their deprivation resistance is excellent as they can for up to about three months without food. Their primary source of nourishment is human blood, so they can bite you every once in a while and continue living under your bed or furniture.

●     Distinct Smell

The bed bugs release a chemical to establish communication and unite with one another. These chemicals have a distinct smell which even humans can identify. This is how you can also know of their presence if you had previous experience with bed bugs.

●     Biting

The adult bed bugs need to have a blood meal for laying eggs. Sucking on warmblood is also essential for the complete development of larvae. Their bites can cause rashes, itching, and allergies to the skin.

Where do the bed bugs come from?

While the pest control team can handle bed bugs well, it is vital to take precautions against them, instead of running behind the cure. For this, you should know where the bed bugs come from.

●     Second-hand furniture

You never know where your second-hand furniture might have been kept before landing up at your place. Such objects are very good hosts of bed bugs, hiding from plain sight during transportation.

●     Hotels and public residence

With so many people coming in, bed bugs can fly from one individual to the other, through public living spaces and hotel beds. The linen provided in hotels may also carry bed bugs, transferring them to your luggage.

●     Warm natural habitat

Bed bugs naturally thrive in a warm environment. They can hike up on your clothes or the fur of your pet if you are crossing any such area.

●     Public transport 

Another great host of bed bugs are the public vehicles which have wooden seats and warm engine, creating the best living space for them. These bugs can mount on you if you happen to sit at any infested seat.