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Understanding Microdermabrasion- All you need to know

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies and the most noticeable. Damage from physical and environmental factors may deny you the confidence to interact with others freely. If such happens, it is essential to find a suitable skin treatment to rejuvenate your skin and give you back a youthful look. If you need microdermabrasion in Pearland, book an appointment with Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa for treatment.

What is microdermabrasion?

It is a non-invasive medical procedure that removes the superficial layer of dead and dry skin cells from your face using ultrafine crystals. The treatment will leave your skin looking younger and aid in new skin cell growth. The procedure is very common in wrinkle and age spots treatment.

It is not a painful experience, although the patient may be sensitive and red after the procedure. This should go away in a couple of hours. The doctor will provide a calming moisturizer to apply after treatment. If you start experiencing some hive-like lines you can take an antihistamine to reduce the reaction. The whole treatment takes about an hour.

Uses of Microdermabrasion

Generally, people opt for microdermabrasion to achieve a smoother, brighter, and even complexion of the skin. Other skin problems the treatment correct include:

·        Uneven skin tone

·        Age spots

·        Dark acne scars

·        Uneven skin texture

·        Sunspots and hyperpigmentation

·        Oil overproduction


The specialist should brief you on what you should expect during the procedure, potential side effects, risk factors, number of treatments required, and the total cost. Be free to ask any questions. Here are a few things you should observe before treatment.

·        Do not wax: You should avoid shaving and waxing about seven days before treatment to make sure your pores are not infected or irritated.

·        Do not smoke: Quitting smoking will improve blood flow to the treatment area. It would be best if you avoid tobacco about a week before your session.

·        Avoid sunburns: Ensuring the skin is free from fresh sun damage will help avoid complications.

·        Keep the skin product free: Make sure you clean the skin of any makeup or creams before the procedure.

·        Avoid other procedures: Wait for some time if you have had other treatment such as a chemical peel.

Care tips after treatment

·        Clean the face: Immediately after treatment, use a wet cloth and toner to get rid of any dead cells left behind.

·        Use moisturizer and sunscreen: Continue applying a moisturizer days after treatment to avoid excess peeling. The sunscreen will protect from photosensitivity.

·        Stay away from the sun: For the next seven days after the procedure, avoid UV rays so as to not damage the skin.

·        Avoid scratching: Do not pick at the area of treatment.

·        Keep hydrated: Drink plenty of water and fruits high in water.

·        Avoid harsh chemicals: Using harsh chemicals right after treatment may damage your skin.

·        Do not wax: For at least the next two weeks after the session, avoid any other procedure.

If you have any skin condition that is robbing you of your natural beauty, it is time to seek medical attention. Specialists at Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa will evaluate your condition and come up with a suitable treatment option. Book an appointment online for these services or any questions.