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Updating the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

You’ve bought a home and have lived in it for a few years now and things are getting stale. The question is, what are you going to do about it? As it may seem like a daunting task at first, with the right approach, you can spruce up your home with a little bit of time and effort. 

Enhance Curb Appeal

One of the biggest things that stand out when anyone first steps out of their car or walk by your home is the curb appeal. Is your house visually appealing or is it drab and in need of some cosmetic updates? Depending on how much you’re willing to tackle, breathing some life to the exterior of your home in order to enhance the curb appeal can be done a few different ways. If you like gardening, then this is your time to shine. Plan out an attack to place new shrubs, flower beds and decorative rock features to add a pop to the front of your home. The addition of colorful flowers and expertly-placed shrubs can really brighten up a home’s appearance. 

Cleaning Up and Adding Color

Another sure-fire way to improve the exterior facade of your house is by getting it cleaned. Over time, a combination of dirt and grime can take a harsh toll on your paint. You can do this if you’re comfortable and have access to the proper equipment — a pressure washer, for instance — or you can hire a professional to get the job done. And lastly, if you bought the house and didn’t love the color, well this is the time to get it painted. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a home and it can rid you of that parfait pink you’ve dreaded for years. 

Focus on Gathering Spaces

With the exterior in the books, you can now focus your attention on the interior of your home. Where should you start? Well, a good jumping-off point would include any gathering spaces. This includes your dining room, living room and most importantly, the kitchen. The living room space can be easily overhauled with a new piece of furniture or maybe just rearranging your current pieces. If you need a little more, maybe add an accent wall to break up the monotony of color. The same can be said about the dining room area as adding new hues to the space will make it interesting again. Also, think about hanging family photos or art pieces to enhance their appearance. 

Entertainment Factor

If you like to entertain friends and family from time to time, adding a bar to your dining room space will add character and a wow factor to the space. What can be better than having your own space to create drinks and serve your favorite wines to guests? Keep it stocked with remedies, too, so when tomorrow comes and you’ve had a few more glasses of wine than you’ve anticipated, a hangover from wine remedy can help ease the pain. Having covered the dining room and living room spaces, all that’s left to cover for the gathering spaces is the kitchen. 

Kitchen in Style

The kitchen is quite literally the heart of the home. Have you ever heard someone utter the words “ I wish my kitchen was a hole in the wall, with little room to maneuver”? Yeah, it’s just not a thing. A few quick ways to add some pizzazz to your space is by replacing the backsplash. New tile can add some much-needed style. Pair this with updating the look of your cabinetry and your space will feel reinvigorated. The combination of backsplash and redone cabinets will reshape the kitchen landscape for the better. 

Necessary Rooms

This last section is really for your personal benefit as guests won’t really have much time to soak in all the glory of an updated bathroom. It can be a costly endeavor to bring your necessary room back to life, but it will be worth it. A new sink, toilet or tub fixture can make all the difference in the room. Plus, a new tub piece will surely call your name for a bubble bath with the aforementioned glass of wine and relaxing music in the background. 

So the quest is yours if you’re willing to receive it, update the interior and exterior of your home