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Voice Amplifiers in Teaching: Can They Really Help?

Teaching can be a pretty time consuming and exhausting job. Writing the lesson plans, grading the students, doing all the paperwork and doing this all the time during the week can be pretty exhausting. Well, if you are a teacher the following article is for you.

Can voice amplifiers really help teachers?

Talking too much can have some negative effects on your health. Excessive talking affects the breathing and it can have negative effects to our health primarily on the heart and the respiratory system.

Since the main teaching tool of every teacher is its voice this can be pretty challenging. For instance, some teachers aren’t loud enough and talking for a longer period of time causes throat irritation. At the same time, there are students that have hearing problems or just can’t hear the teacher well. Here the voice amplification comes to the rescue. 

What are voice amplifiers?

Voice amplifiers are handy devices used to easily amplify the voice of the speaker. They are pretty portable and come with a microphone. Depending on the model there are voice amplifiers in the form of a wired or wireless headset, some of them have a convertible or handheld microphone so it’s up to the user which version will be best. To keep things simple, you can refer to them as portable microphone and speaker for teachers.

What are the advantages of using a voice amplifier in teaching?

The voice amplification technology can make the teaching job more convenient so let’s see what are the advantages of using this technology in the classroom.

Prevents vocal problems

It is not easy to talk all the time during the day. The vocal cords get stressed too much and if we don’t pay attention it can easily become more serious like laryngitis or inflammation of the vocal cords. With the help of a voice amplifier the stress is drastically reduced even when teaching in large classrooms or working with too many students.

Improves Productivity

The voice amplifiers you can buy today are super portable and can help you do so many things. You can easily speak and move around the classroom without the need to hold a microphone. You can also get a multifunctional voice amplifier that will let you play music and audio materials in the classroom without the need of additional audio devices or speakers. Some models will even let you record your lecture. There are so many extra features depending on the voice amplifier model that are there to make you more productive.

Save your energy

Speaking with your maximum volume can be pretty exhausting. As a result, you will feel exhausted as well. With a voice amplifier you will be able to save your energy for other activities. Your students will notice that you are more energetic than usual and they will definitely feel more motivated to learn.

Be louder

The volume of your voice can be easily adjusted from the voice amplifier. By doing this you can be sure that all students can hear you loud and clear and to be honest this is a true lifesaver for teachers that are generally quiet.

Excellent device for field trips

When working with a large number of students it is normal to have problems communicating with all of them or taking care about the discipline. Well if you are in such a situation it is recommended to use your voice amplifier. When there are many students like on a field trip you will be required to speak louder and a voice amplifier will save you from the unnecessary stress and need to speak louder.

You can teach indoors and outdoors

Since voice amplifiers are very portable you will be able to use them both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the type and model you will have no problems being heard even if the distance between you as a teacher and your students is significant.  

If you like what you have read in this article, we highly recommend you to buy a good quality voice amplifier this year. It will boost your productivity as a teacher and will save your voice from too much stress. It is important to stay healthy and to take care of your voice because it is your primary tool necessary to do your job properly.