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Warm and Cozy: Why Every Dog Needs a Blanket

It’s easy to see why dogs need food, water, shelter, warmth, and affection. These are all as essential for dogs as they are for human beings. Then there are other items for quality of life. Toys certainly fall into this category. They keep dogs happy and occupied. If your pet has access to these things, surely they are happy. Now, maybe it’s time for one last comfort item — a blanket. Yes, it’s true. Every dog needs a blanket, and here are the reasons why.

Blankets Are a Source of Warmth

Imagine sleeping on a mattress, on a chilly night with no blanket. That’s certainly not a cozy experience. Your dog likely feels the same way. Beds are soft and comfortable, but you can’t snuggle underneath one when it’s cold outside. With a nice blanket, a dog can:

Lay on the blanket for protection from the cold floor.

Snuggle under the blanket while sleeping in their favorite spot.

Enjoy feeling cozy, even when they aren’t allowed on the furniture.

Your dog will be grateful for a soft blanket when it gets a bit cold outside or inside.

They Provide Comfort in Unfamiliar Situations

Have you ever had to kennel your pet, or leave them with a sitter? We’d love to bring our pets everywhere, but that just isn’t feasible. Still, it can be heartbreaking to leave them behind, even when it’s only temporary. One thing you can do to help is to bring along familiar items that remind your beloved dog of home. If you can, bring along a favorite toy and their food water bowls. Most importantly, bring their blanket. Not only will you give them a soft place to sleep, but the familiar smell will provide some comfort as well.

Blankets Can Calm Dogs in Anxiety Inducing Situations

It has been illustrated enough in many forms of media that it is a well-known fact that certain scenarios can cause your dog anxiety. Situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks displays, and other events. Loud noises are hard to control and for an animal, it may seem like the world is ending when they are present. Having a blanket around, while not a definite solution, can offer your dog some reassurance and stability during events such as these. 

A Blanket is Easier to Clean Than a Bed

In today’s day and age of modern housekeeping magazines and seemingly revolutionizing home restoration shows. It can be easy to treat aesthetics as important an aspect as we do functionality. After all, who wants a pile of dirty towels or blankets in the corner when they can have a large, luxurious, and eye-catching dog bed? While dog beds can be attractive, it can be rather difficult to clean them. None of them seem to fit comfortably in-home washing machines, and many of them aren’t even allowed to be washed in such a manner. Because of this, dog beds can harbor tons of bacteria as well as bad odors that seem to spread everywhere in the house. The solution? Rather than giving your dog a bed that is likely to get dirty, spend a portion of that money and invest in a couple of blankets for your furry friend. 

Fulfill a Desire or Instinct to Nest

Like most animals, your dog has an instinct to nest. At certain times of the day, you may spot your pet constantly pawing or scratching at their bed or another area of your home. Your couch, bed sheets, even the small pile of old towels in the corner of your laundry room. This instinct comes from your dog’s ancestors, who would do this to create a comfortable place to sleep for the night. Giving your dog a blanket will give them something they are free to create a nest with, as well as protect your furniture and other cloth-like items.

It’s Easy to Keep And Store a Spare

When looking for a dog blanket, you might find yourself wondering if one will be enough? After all, you’re saving a considerable amount by purchasing a blanket, rather than a bulky dog bed. It will be much easier for you to purchase and store a couple of spare ones. After all, a blanket is much more compact and can cost as little as two dollars, depending on where you purchase them. 

It Gives Your Dog Something to Call Their Own

One might look at this point with a puzzled look, however, there is a reason for this. While on walks, you may notice your dog constantly marking its territory. This is essentially a way of telling other dogs and animals in the area that they have been there and that they own this particular spot. However, over time those particular markings will fade or be overshadowed by the other animals in the area. A blanket, however, not so much. Smell is quite possibly one of the most important senses to a dog, after all being nearly 200 times stronger than a human it is suggested that a dog will actually use its nose more than its eyes to get around. A blanket will easily absorb and hold the scent of your dog, and while you will have to wash it at some point, the blanket and its scent give your dog a strong sense of ownership.

Final Thoughts: It’s a Simple Gift For a Loyal Friend

Your dog is quite literally one of the most loyal companions you will ever encounter. You are their whole world and life, even if they are only there for part of yours. A blanket is not only inexpensive but can bring the same comforts to your dog that your dog brings to you. That is comfort, warmth, and companionship. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook these factors in favor of aesthetics. After all, it’s easy to overlook some things when we want them to look a certain way. However, when it comes to functionality a blanket is a simple item that will be loved by your four-legged best friend.