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Wedding Accessories to Look Out for in 2020

The year 2019 was a year of flower crowns, rustic weddings, light shows, and so much more. We expect 2020 to be more or less the same but bigger and better. In the case of wedding accessories, we are looking at a rising trend of individuality and originality.

Which Wedding Accessories Will Highlight 2020?

Wedding designers and experts all agree that many brides are asking for more customized items in their looks. Dresses and tuxes are usually bespoke nowadays, but brides are also asking for optional accoutrements to their wedding look. Here are the expected items that will trend in 2020:

  • Unique Engagement Rings

Before, many bride-to-be’s were happy with a simple round cut diamond ring. These days, they want bigger, bolder, better designs that are not just limited to platinum and diamonds. Many are asking for engagement rings with sentimental designs, other precious gems, and rarely used metals like white gold, rose gold, titanium, and more. If you are looking for a cheap but luxurious option, you can look the diamonds Vancouver BC has to offer.

  • Headpieces

Headpieces have been around for a while, but 2020 will see more than just intricate veils and flower crowns. Brides are opting for circlets and hair brooches that accentuate their hair and overall look. We expect that flower crowns won’t be used as much this year, but flowers will still play a part as a side accent or embellishment on the back of the hair.

  • Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry are usually unique or one of a kind pieces that depict different elements and styles. Some may be in the shape of animals, flowers, or symbols. Statement jewelry comes in different forms like anklets, armbands, bangles, cuffs, and large pendant necklaces. Such designs are paired with muted gown designs, as well as natural hair and makeup.

  • Capes

Most of us were surprised at the return of capes. Rather than cycled by decade, the last time capes were used in regular weddings was hundreds of years ago. We may have seen one or two here and there applied by some designers, but it was never a trend in the wedding industry. Now, brides are preferring capes over trains.

  • Jackets and Blazers

Jackets and blazers were expected to rise in usage, but we didn’t expect it to gain traction so late in the game. The reason is that there aren’t that many designers who offer jackets and blazers as options for wedding looks. Now, there are even wedding gowns that only have jackets or blazers as the top part.

All in all this seems to be an exciting year for wedding fashion. What else do you think will trend for wedding accessories in 2020?