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Wedding Photography In London

Weddings in London can be expensive, perhaps more than anywhere else in the UK. Below we’ve listed some perfect wedding locations by type. Please note; most places require around an 8-month advance booking for their location so plan early.

Places to have weddings in London

Most of the headings below provide a link to pages on where different places with many price levels are offered, ranging from

Intimate Wedding

Perhaps you want an intimate wedding for just the bride, groom, and some immediate family members or friends that can be held at a small church or photographic chapel like Nottingham Chapel. Then, you can have the reception at another location where either the small party or at a larger gathering can meet to celebrate the beautiful union that just took place, such as the Library at the Chesterfield Mayfair.

Avoid Corkage Fees

Hiring a location that doesn’t charge corkage fees is one way to cut down on the costs for weddings.

Bring-Your-Own-Beverage Wedding

Having everyone bring their own beverage ensures everyone will have what they want to drink and it saves on the cost of the wedding.

Outdoor Wedding

London, with its photographic architecture and gardens, is the perfect place to host an outside wedding and reception. Having both events at one location allows the guests to be totally relaxed for both events. Having an outdoor wedding also offers the FANTASTIC opportunity to use a drone such as the DrDrone to capture your special moments. What better way to encapsulate your big day than with beautiful sweeping shots from above as confetti rains down on you. Plus, having a drone whizzing around is sure to generate a tonne of laughs and smiles, perfect for those candid shots! Locations in the link above include the Cloister Garden, Gallery Gardens at Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Penthouse and Pavilion at the Dorchester, and the Showground at Magazine London.

Winter Wedding

Having a wedding during the off-season is another way to cut down wedding costs. It gives you an opportunity to have your event at a location that might not otherwise be possible during the busy months due to booking constraints or high costs during peak seasons.

Included are locations like the Sky Loft Westminster View at Altitude London, the Oratory at the Milestone Hotel and Residences, Helix and Iris at Searcys at the Gherkin, and Greenhaus at People’s Park Tavern, which is heated.

Pub Wedding

There nothing wrong with celebrating the big event at a place often frequented by friends and family like a favorite gathering spot somewhere in London. You already know you like the food, beverages, and service, what could be better?

Warehouse Wedding

Weddings in warehouses can be beautiful. They offer an air of formality that is not available in a regular building. The architecture, with the high ceilings and massive windows are wonderful in photographs. Red brick, if it is available, also is spectacular in photographs. Locations include Dalston Heights, Loft Studios, and Tanner Warehouse.

Art Gallery Wedding

Add an artistic flair to an already highlighted event and sparks will fly. Some of the art galleries in London are the best in the world, like the National Gallery. There are enough galleries in London that you are sure to find one where the present exhibits will complement the style of your wedding. Included are the Function Room at the Venue at The Old Street Gallery, J/M Art Gallery, Lower Ground Floor at The Sunny Art Centre, and Whole Venue at Bankside Gallery.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Finally, we’d recommend that you consider having your big day recorded by hiring a documentary wedding photography company. They don’t just take pictures; they can often film it professionally too, to really capture the essence of the entire event so you can relive the moments indefinitely.