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What are the Dangers Caused by Being Overweight?

Your bodyweight should be directly proportional to your height. However, if your height and your weight are not corresponding, you are considered overweight. Being overweight is a condition that affects adults, teenagers, and children from the age of ten. According to health care researchers, women gain more weight than men, hence becoming overweight. There are many factors that contribute to being overweight in women, like pregnancy and hormonal imbalance. It is vital to seek medical help on how you can lose weight. Dr. Raj Kandavanam is a specialist in helping people reduce their weight and also in weight management. Below are the causes of being overweight.

The major causes of being an overweight

There are many factors that cause one to be overweight. Some of these major factors include:

·       Type of food you eat. Eating foods with more calories is the main factor contributing to being overweight.

·       Genetic. You may have obesity due to genetic variation. If your family is affected by obesity, there are higher chances of you being overweight.

·       Medication and health conditions. There are some medicines that alter the way hormones work.  Hormone problems like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Cushing syndrome, and underactive thyroids cause obesity or one to be overweight. Drugs like antidepressants and corticosteroids may cause overweight.

·       Having stress, depression, and other mental conditions. There are some people who over-consume food when they have stress or depression. Due to how they frequently eat more food, they can get obese or become overweight.

Being overweight is dangerous to your overall health. It is essential to understand what dangers and health issues your overweight body can cause. The following paragraph shows the major diseases you can get when you are overweight or obese.

Disorders you can get for being overweight

There are many diseases associated with being overweight or obese. The majority of diseases occur in the circulatory system. Some of the disorders include:

·   Varicose veins and spider veins. An overweight body increases pressure on your leg, causing your veins to malfunction. Valves in veins resist in preventing blood from flowing back to the tissue, thus resulting in an overflow. Varicose and spider veins are seen as dark blue or green veins on the surface of your legs.

·   High blood pressure. Calories in your body accumulate in the blood vessels causing high blood pressure.

·   Chronic pain. Obesity or being overweight can lead to back pain and joint pain. Your body increases pressure on your leg joint, causing compression of nerves, which leads to pain. Due to bad posture during sitting down, you may have back pain.

·   Heart attack. A heart attack is caused by high blood pressure. Since your blood vessels are not passing the blood correctly, they may cause heart malfunction.

Obesity or being overweight is caused by factors like overeating food with calories, stress and depression, and medication. Women in pregnancy can suffer from being overweight due to their condition. Being overweight can cause a lot of diseases like high blood pressure and heart attacks. There are ways you can reduce weight, like exercises to burn calories, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding stress. Lake Family Medicine & Imaging offers education on how to lose weight and the dangers associated with being overweight.