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What jobs are in the art and design foundation course?

The dynamic world of art and design encapsulates a vast array of career opportunities for every creative person out there. Almost every sector requires graduates in art and design courses for rewarding niche roles. 

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the most demanding job roles in the art and design industry.

Art Directors: There are a lot of things going on in the backstage of an art exhibition, it’s just not about creating art pieces, selling and looking for perfect marketing strategies before displaying them in public galleries and museums. There has to be perfect coordination between the different departments to determine the perfect way to represent a concept visually. The art director has to work on elements to define a particular piece of art, photograph, or other design. They have to develop the overall look or style of a publication, theatre, an advertising campaign, and even a set for television or film. Supervising design staff to review and approve artwork, designs, photography, and graphics developed by staff members. They have to coordinate activities with other creative departments to deliver detailed projects in time with the client’s approval.

Art Conservator: Your role as a conservator is to take care of art, historical properties and objects of significance. You have to ensure that the conditions are appropriate to prevent deterioration and help in the timely restoration of deteriorated objects. They usually work on short term contracts as per the requirement of the project.

Illustrator: If you are interested in creating drawings and paintings for various products such as books, posters, animation, clothing or greeting cards, then this is the perfect job role you can expect after pursuing art and design foundation course. This role will give you the liberty to rediscover the traditional patterns to create images using relevant software packages. 

Art auctioneer: Assessing the value of an artwork or antique before putting it up for sale or auction comes under the domain of this job role. They can work for art dealers, auction houses and insurance companies who specialize in areas of exhibiting historical paintings, furniture, clothing or jewellery.

Art technician: They work in colleges and universities to help students to learn the practical aspects of dealing with technical equipment required in art studios. Experts in screen-printing, 3D printer, and the traditional way of photographic processing in a darkroom are the most demanded professionals in universities. 

Fine artist: The creation of original masterpieces of art is the sole responsibility of an artist. The work of a fine artist is distinguished by the medium they chose to convey their messages, such as paint, metal, wood, or textile. They create a visually appealing product to serve a functional purpose and make a whole lot of money by selling their pieces of artwork. 

There are numerous ways to enhance your career with an art and design foundation course. There are a lot of art and design-related jobs being created every other day. With an artistic vision and creative design skills, you can be anything from a craft and fine artist, fashion designer, floral designer, graphic, industrial or interior designer to a jewellery, precious stone or a set and exhibit designer.