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What Makes Natural Stone Fireplaces Such a Good Investment?

Plenty of homeowners would love to add a fireplace to their property, and those who have the opportunity often spend a lot of time considering different materials. Finding the right fireplace surround is incredibly important, and you can’t really go wrong with natural stone.

Natural stone could be considered one of the safest options for a fireplace since stone can be great material to keep the fire contained and reduce the likelihood of it spreading, in case you forget to extinguish it before going to bed. Other than that, for complete safety, while using a fireplace, you may also have to learn what type of firewood to use, how to prepare it, and more, for which you can go through a website such as Firewood Farm and acquire the necessary information. All the knowledge you have about fire heating could be used to design your fireplace with natural stone and other design elements.

Here are a few more reasons why choose natural stone.

Great Heat Retention

Adding a fireplace to your home improves its style, but obviously the main practical benefit is having a cosy source of heat. Unfortunately, most people fail to consider how the fireplace surround will affect heat distribution. Natural stone is a great option since it retains heat for a relatively long time. As such, it also radiates heat longer than other materials, so your room will stay warmer and more comfortable even after the fire starts to go out. At the same time, natural stone can withstand high temperatures without warping or staining. Nonetheless, you may need to consider how safe the fireplace is to reduce the likelihood of an accident. In order to know whether your stone fireplace is safe and accident-proof, you can contact a company that offers Wett Inspections in Red Deer Alberta (or wherever you are located).

Flexible Styling

You can choose natural stone surrounds in a whole range of styles. If you want something modern, try a smooth stone with clean lines. If you want something more rustic, try stone with a more weathered appearance. You can also choose between different types of stone to enjoy slightly different colour palettes. Once you’ve chosen the right stone, you can choose from several different finishes for the final touch.

Design Consistency

Having the option to choose between different styles isn’t just great when you want your fireplace to stand out – you can also take advantage of that versatility to tie the fireplace in with the rest of your home. For example, you can choose a stone that matches other materials used in your home. Think countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. That might not sound like a huge concern, but it really helps bring your home together.