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What Should You Know About Being a Good Nanny

Just like any other career, being a nanny is challenging and can be tedious. However, that should not hinder you from going for what you like.

Bringing up kids you’re not related to can be quite tricky. And that’s what makes this job different from other jobs. You don’t have to break your back sitting for long to make a company or an organization improve their revenue numbers. All you have to do is to raise little angels to become morally-upright individuals in the society!

Fortunately, being a nanny in recent years is fulfilling since the wages are increasing unswervingly due to high demand. People have become busy, and everyone is trying to achieve their life goals. And due to that, kids are mostly left in the hands of nannies. The society has recognized the need to have a nanny, hence the increase in their demand.

Nanny Wages Varies from Family to Family

Unlike corporate jobs or union jobs where salaries and wages for a particular job are homogenous, nanny wages vary from one family to another and also from nanny to nanny. Averagely, a nanny can earn about $12 on an hourly basis. However, some nannies earn as much as $1,000 on a weekly basis.

Other factors that influence nanny wages are:

1. Living Status. The living status of the family where the nanny works will determine the pay. The higher the living state, the higher the salary.

2. Location. Typically, nannies who work in metropolitan areas earn more than those based in the suburbs or rural areas.

3. Education and Training. Being a nanny is a career like any other. You need to go for training. It’s a requirement to have a minimum of high school diploma, a first aid certificate, and CPR certificate. A nanny with a degree can command higher wages.

 4. Experience. Being a nanny is like any other job where you get paid according to your experience. Experience has no substitute! The more experienced you’re as a nanny, the more your potential earning.

If you have some accessorial responsibilities you can offer, let your employer know. Remember your wages will increase with the increase in duties. But it’s advisable to determine the nanny salary according to the employer’s budget and the current nanny’s market value.

Nanny Salaries and Wages Progressively Increasing

For long, nanny salaries and wages had stagnated. Fortunately, things have changed, and the wages are on the rise. Between 2009 and 2013, the salaries and wages for nannies increased from $19,240 to $19,600 respectively. That’s a total of $360 increase which is about $72 increase on the average salary. Isn’t this good news?

Taking this into consideration, we can expect a steady rise in average wages for nannies. It, therefore, means industrious childcare workers will get paid what they deserve.

However, you need to prove that you deserve the set salary as a nanny. Remember you get paid for what you deliver.

If you want to get paid more, then you should be smart, hardworking, and dedicated. Being a childcare worker need more than the unpretentious love of kids. Parents depend on nannies to keep their kids safe, well-fed and well-cared for to help them fulfill their professional or personal commitments. So, what makes a great nanny?

  • A great nanny is an excellent communicator
  • She should have a nurturing spirit
  • A nanny should have lots of energy to deal with growing children and also to work for long hours
  • Should have unquestionable morals
  • A good nanny should have incontestable patience
  • She must really enjoy the company of children and love caring for them

Apart from these, there are many more factors that make a good nanny who will be treasured by the family and loved by children as shared in the infographic here.