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What to Wear for a Job Interview


The job interview process is notoriously nerve-inducing. However, it should be seen as the opportunity that it is – to go for the career you want, with a company that you love.

A lot is riding on the interview process. Of course, the interviewers will be mostly focusing on what you say. However, they’ll also be paying close attention to how you present yourself too; and that includes what you’re wearing.


The right clothes to get the job

According to statistics, most people form an impression within seven seconds of meeting you. That doesn’t give you much time to impress!

Here’s where your visual appearance can really help.

  • Let clothes convey personality. Work out what sort of personality the company is looking for. Are they seeking someone confident and corporate? If so, you should keep this in mind when choosing the right outfit. Alternatively, they might be looking for someone artistic and free-spirited. Or friendly and approachable. Do your research before you select your clothing. It’ll help to ensure you make the right impression.
  • Keep it appropriate. Getting the tone right is one of the hardest aspects of selecting an interview outfit. For example, if your skirt is shiny or a bit too ‘slinky’, it might look more appropriate for an evening out than a professional interview. By all means use your clothes to give a sense of your personality, but tailor it to the situation.
  • Add focal points. Block colour can be quite overwhelming, so avoid choosing a suit that’s all in one colour, combined with a shirt or blouse of a similar shade. Work out what colours complement one another, and if you’re going to incorporate a bright hue, make sure it isn’t too overpowering. Jewellery or a belt can work to add visual interest, or even a small hair accessory.
  • Don’t teeter in heels. Unless the position calls for power-heels, keep your shoes relatively sensible. Sure, those stilettoes add immediate height, but if you’re not 100% confident walking in them, it could be a recipe for disaster. The days of women being forced to wear heels in order to be taken seriously are, thankfully, long gone.
  • Think about fragrance. Scent is one of the first things people notice. Wear a perfume with plenty of authority, such as Baccarat Rouge 540 or Black Orchid. Fragrances with ingredients like amber, sandalwood, apple, pink pepper or citrus work well in workplace situations.
  • Work out what hair-style. Now is not the time to choose a style you’ve never worn before, as there’s a risk that you’ll feel self-conscious about it. Go for a smart look (such as a mid-ponytail or bun) that’s easy to re-do if it starts to look ‘undone’.
  • Keep cool. Remember to keep temperature in mind too. Avoid wearing clothing that’ll make you sweat; this is especially the case for fabrics that show sweat patches clearly. A loose blouse is completely acceptable for a hot day, and will help to keep you cool too.