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What You Should Know About Facial Contouring

Facial imperfections can arise due to a number of factors. For instance, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can occur due to aging. Such issues can be treated with some simple home remedies or even crèmes. However, some facial imperfections can arise from injuries or genetics, and they can be complicated to fix. They include a weak or underdeveloped chin, a large misshapen nose, and many others. Fortunately, there is a solution for these imperfections; Star Body offers the best facial contouring near Las Vegas, and you can seek their services to achieve a more attractive facial appearance. Below are some important things you should know about facial contouring.

What is Facial Contouring?

Facial contouring also called facial sculpting is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims at enhancing the overall appearance of the face. The procedure seeks to balance the proportion of the face to all of its features. It may involve dermal fillers, Botox and other injectables, laser resurfacing, or fat grafting to reshape and contour the face for a more symmetrical look. The treatment can be availed at a reputed med spa offering facial contouring and dermal fillers in Pineville, NC (or elsewhere).

Who can benefit from Facial Contouring?

This procedure can be done on healthy adults who are seeking to enhance their general facial appearance. Women generally seek to achieve more feminine, softer facial contours. On the other hand, male patients seek a more chiseled and masculine look. Therefore, the procedure can be an integral part of gender reassignment. People with the following facial futures can significantly benefit from the procedure.

  • Receding Chin
  • Square jaw
  • Protruding mouth
  • Asymmetrical mouth
  • Protruding cheeks

Facial contouring can also help people with sagging facial skin resulting from aging.

How Facial Contouring is Done

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Before the surgery, a CT scan is done to get the images of the soft tissues and the bones. The images serve as a guide during the surgical procedure. In most cases, facial contorting revolves around the forehead, nose, lips, and cheeks. Some common surgical techniques that may be used in facial contouring procedures include facial implants, fat removal, chin advancement surgery, graft and tissue transfer, facial liposuction, Otoplasty, bone trimming, and Rhinoplasty among others. One facial contouring session can involve one or several of these surgical techniques.

Possible Risks

Like other surgical procedures, facial contouring comes with a number of risks. Some possible risks include scarring, infections, and bleeding. It is normal for patients to experience numbness, bruising, and swelling around the operated areas. In a few cases, some patients can also suffer from allergic reactions from the anesthesia used. All in all, most of the common side effects are mild and short-lived, and therefore, they are just a small price to pay for a more attractive and rejuvenated facial appearance.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that facial contouring is quite effective in improving people’s facial imperfections. It can help a patient to achieve a more attractive facial appearance, which can significantly boost his or her self-esteem. If you are thinking of getting facial contouring, Star Body is the best place to go. They have highly qualified professionals who have been performing the procedure for many years. Contact Star Body today for more information about their facility and services.