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When Your Teens Head Out For A Spring Break Road Trip

Some parents are a little more adventurous than others.  If you’re a parent who is allowing their teenager to drive on their spring break road trip, then you have a special set of worries to carry.  

You may be able to relieve some of the worry about your teenager by equipping them with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the roads.  Here are a few helpful tips you should teach your teen before allowing them to head out on a spring break adventure.

Buckle your seatbelt

With teen drivers, seatbelt violations run rampant.  Teenage drivers have a terrible habit of not wearing their seatbelts, and accident statistics show this to be true.  

Drive the importance of wearing a seatbelt into the mind of your teenage driver.  You may also want to invest in a vehicle that will ding until your teenager submits.  

Make sure they know what to do after an accident

It’s understandable not to want to think about what would happen if your teen gets into a car accident, but it’s safer to address the subject than to ignore it.  Teach your teens what to do in the case of a car accident.  Run through the steps with them on a regular basis, so they are familiar with the process.  

Don’t drive distracted

Teenagers don’t always fully realize the dangers of the roads.  It’s important that you help ground their idea of driving, and make certain that they understand how dangerous it can be to drive distracted.  

Don’t drive around with all your friends going crazy in the cab.  Don’t drive around fiddling with your phone, and keep your eyes on the road.  

Watch your speed

Young people are also bad about speeding.  The constant regulation of your speed takes time to master, and young drivers tend to have a bit of a “lead foot.”  Help teach your teenager ways to keep tabs on their speed and avoid a ticket.

Try not to drive at night

Driving at night makes the roads more dangerous.  If your teen will limit their night driving on their spring break road trip, the danger will also be limited.  It’s better to batten down the hatches when the sun sets, and keep the party at the hotel.  

Check the weather ahead

Suggest to your teen that they keep an eye on the weather ahead.  Driving into a big storm can cause some terrible traffic problems, and make your teen driver a bit unsettled.  Teach them that it is okay to pull the car over, and wait for the weather to pass.

Teach them about insurance and registration

Before you ever let your teen drive away, make sure they know where to locate the insurance card and registration for their vehicle.  Explain to them the importance of these documents, so they are not careless with their placement.