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Where Can a Gas Fireplace Be Installed

When the brutal UK winter shows its true colors, homeowners can’t wait to warm up the interior of their home. However, with warm air comes high heating costs. The majority of homes built after the 1970s don’t have a gas fire, which is a sad reality.

And getting one installed does not have to be extravagant…

Gas fires can warm your home for much less than an electrical heater. If you want to lower your heating costs, a gas fireplace is a way to go. Can you install one in your home?

Convert an Existing Wood Stove

Wood-burning stoves are beautiful, but they can also be a pain to clean and maintain. You have to find a good source of firewood, and cleaning out the ashes is never a fun task. Not to mention, if someone in your house has allergies, they may pay the price from a wood fire.

If you already have a wood stove, converting it to a gas fireplace is usually easy to do. Many homeowners opt to install a gas fireplace insert. The insert will allow you to control the height of the flames, and you won’t have to worry about ashes ever again. Gas inserts can heat an entire room quickly and easily. Of course, you’ll need to hire a trader who understands how to connect your new fireplace to the gas mains.

No Chimney? No Problem!

There is a misconception that you must have a chimney in your home if you want to install a gas fireplace. However, this is not always the case. Even if you don’t already have a fireplace in your home, you can purchase a flue-less gas fire. You can install these without any problems in most rooms of your home.

Although you don’t need a chimney for a flue-less fireplace, you do need proper ventilation. The gas needs a way to escape your home. Fitting an air vent isn’t a DIY job—you should only trust a Safe Gas engineer to do it for you. Besides, if you don’t have adequate ventilation, you could nullify the warranty on your flue-less fireplace.

Things to Consider

When working with gas, you should find a Safe Gas engineer to help you manage and insect the project. While gas is beneficial in many ways, it can also be hazardous. In addition to house fires, and improperly installed gas fireplace can also lead to poisoning and suffocation.

Before beginning any fireplace project in your home, always make sure you pay attention to any building regulations. Depending on the type of work you need to do, you may need to ask for permission before you start.

Although installing a new gas fireplace can be costly, so check with for quotes. One point for sure, you’ll also add value to your home. Besides, there’s nothing better than warming up next to open fire on a cold winter night.