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Where is Slots Gambling Illegal?

The world of slot gambling is undeniably the largest gambling industry in the world in the 21st century, overtaking all other games mainly as a result of the online slots explosion of the early 2000s. The amount of money spent on these intoxicating little gambling games is absolutely crazy too, no wonder there are now several high profile slot developers around, as well as hundreds of different online casino sites – click to play lottery.

It seems as though pretty much everybody in the world is playing online slots these days, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing: slots gambling is actually illegal in far more places across the world then you may at first think. It is even more mental to think that despite all of these places the industry overall is still expanding by an exponentially increasing amount. Regardless, read ahead for a lowdown on where slots gambling is illegal. is a very popular slot centric casino. Read this review of slots lv to find out if the casino is legal where you live.  

United Arab Emirates 

Most of the Islamic countries in the gulf have very strict laws concerning gambling, with the majority outright banning the practise in reality. For online gambling the area is a little more shady across the Middle East mainly because many governments haven’t put in any proper legislation for this field, however this is not the case in the United Arab Emirates. 

In the UAE any gambling activity is punishable by up to two years in prison, and the state regulates the Internet so that all online casino sites are impossible to access without a VPN. 


Japan is a funny one, because up until rather recently all gambling was prohibited there, however nowadays the government have allowed for physical casinos to pop up in a few select areas. It is a strange one, however, because the Asian country is still very strict on the prohibition of online gambling. 

So there you have it, if you want to gamble on the slots in Japan it is going to have to be on land-based slot machines. 

North Korea 

We are sure it will not come as much of a surprise to people to learn that gambling in North Korea is strictly prohibited, unless you are an outside visitor of course, in which case you can visit the only casino in the country located in the capital city of Pyongyang. The North Korean authorities are also incredibly hot on online gambling, and due to the complex array of firewalls protecting their Internet it is incredibly hard to ever access an online casino site. 

North Korea is not the place for budding slot gamblers therefore, although we are sure you probably knew this already. 


The country of Cambodia has historically had a pretty bad gambling problem, and this led the government to launch the 1996 Suppression of Gambling Act. Under the new laws all citizens of the country are banned from gambling, with the only casinos left being exclusively for tourists. It seems the government couldn’t say no to the extra revenue to be made here…