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Which types of Wedding Dresses That Are Perfect for Curvy Brides

If you are confused about the choice of dresses that will fit your curves right then this article has got you covered. Many brides tend to feel quite restricted about the shape of their body thus this limits the options to choose from. No matter what size you possess you can celebrate your big day with some perfect dresses that will accentuate your overall outlook.

You can browse through several boutiques to find an extensive array of fitted dresses but this option is not ideal for all. Many real curvy brides opt for a customized wedding dress which gets specifically designed for them. You will find several designers who will assist you regarding the choice of your dress. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful irrespective of size and shape. One can get shaped into great classic princess style gowns which just feels magical. Below are a few design styles which are specifically proven to beautify the look of real curvy brides.

Luzette for real curvy brides

Have you considered trying luzette? Well, this type of super classy lace gown owns long sleeves. It is detailed with lace and is intricately sewed with buttons along the back. One will also appreciate the off-shoulder neckline for completing the fitting classic style. If you are confused about the length of this type of gown for real curvy brides then you can avail three lengths.

Lyla for real curvy brides

There can be a probability that you want to be a boho-inspired bride. In that case, you can opt for a flowy tulle gown. This type of Lyla wedding dress suits real curvy brides as it is formed of the sequined net that hugs the waist perfectly and creates a flattering figure. You need to get this Lyla dress as it ideally enhances the neckline. Many real curvy brides prefer to get a perfect hourglass shape, for that you need this look. This look is accompanied by off-shoulder cap sleeves for completeness.


Real curvy brides also go for a stunning strapless dress for the wedding day as it reflects a romantic style. The neckline of this dress is sweet with applique embroidery which further adds the sparkles on the beaded bodice. The style of an a-line tulle skirt gives a narrower midsection along with the hourglass shape.

Allure plus size

There can be a chance that you want to downplay your tummy while playing your hips and chest. In that case, you can go for allure women plus size wedding dresses. This type of allure wedding dress comes with a dramatic satin which provides an asymmetrical contour. A-line style offers real curvy brides to make good use of their features.


Many real curvy brides prefer mermaid silhouette which is bound to accentuate the curves. One can truly show off the hourglass figure wit this type of mermaid dress. The strapless dress is not only sexy but sleek in style. The glamourous embroidery is a way to go here.