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Why More Ladies Should Consider Shaving Their Legs With A Safety Razor

For women, hair removal is a relatively new fad, historically speaking. Most women who shave, use a standard cartridge razor as their hair remover of choice. However, safety razors are amazing tools that more women need to know about. They’re not just for men. Safety razors are the ultimate way to get smooth legs without having to endure razor rash, bumps, or torn up skin.

Safety razors look similar to cartridge razors except the head holds a double-edged blade that’s slightly curved. The slight curve helps you get a closer shave. The other difference is a safety razor is a bit heavier, and that’s a good thing. When you’re shaving, you need a little bit of weight for the razor to more naturally glide over your skin. The habit of pressing down hard comes from using dull, lightweight, disposable razors.

If you’ve never shaved with a safety razor, here are 6 reasons to start:

  1. You’ll save the environment

The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown out each year. That’s a scary number. Plastic razors can’t be recycled in the U.S., so that means 2 billion razors go into the landfill each year where they’ll be sealed up forever. Plastic waste is a huge problem on our planet, and by trading your disposable razors for a safety razor you’re helping to save the planet.

Don’t be fooled by companies producing “compostable” or “biodegradable” disposable razors. Anything that ends up in a landfill won’t decompose – not even organic materials like fruit. That’s because landfills are designed to prevent decomposition by creating a sealed, oxygen-free environment.

  1. A safety razor is the next best thing to a straight razor

Believe it or not, some women shave their legs with a straight razor. Some women even treat themselves to a straight razor shave by a barber, and according to Susan and Sharzad from Mixed Makeup, it’s a real treat.

If you’re not up for the straight razor challenge, get a simple, closed comb safety razor to upgrade your shave from almost-close to smooth and silky.

To make the straight razor experience part of your routine, this tutorial will teach you how to shave your legs with a straight razor like a boss. The only downside to using a safety razor, once you pass the learning curve, is the maintenance. That’s mostly what makes a safety razor easier to use than a straight razor. You still need to clean and dry a safety razor after each use to prolong the life of the blade, but it doesn’t require extensive maintenance.

  1. Disposable razors are more expensive

Disposable razors are more expensive than safety razors. Once you buy a safety razor, replacement blades cost no more than fifty cents each, and a single blade can be used for an average of six to eight shaves.

Disposable razors marketed to women are also more expensive than those marketed to men. This price discrepancy is referred to as the “pink tax,” and it doesn’t just apply to razors. A 2015 study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs discovered women’s personal care products carry a 13% markup compared to products marketed to men.

  1. Disposable razors marketed to women are dull

If you don’t mind paying the extra premium for a pink razor, consider that plenty of women have discovered these lady-focused razors to be dull compared to men’s razors. Considering men’s disposable razors are already dull compared to a safety razor, that’s not acceptable.

It doesn’t make sense to pay a premium to shave with a dull razor.

One shave with a safety razor and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner. There’s no doubt about it – safety razors get a closer, cleaner shave than any disposable or electric razor is capable of.

  1. They look super cool

Let’s face it, you’re drawn to grooming tools that look good in the bathroom. What’s not to love about the way a safety razor looks? They come in all different colors and patterns, and even a simple silver safety razor can add a touch of class to your bathroom.

  1. You’ll be inspired to use shaving soap

You can’t use a safety razor without trying shaving soap at least once. Adding a safety razor to your bathroom will make you want to try your hand at getting a good lather with a puck of moisturizing shaving soap.

Shaving soap is superior to shaving cream for many reasons. Natural shaving soaps, especially locally-made, don’t contain the toxic chemicals found in commercial shaving cream. Shaving soap is specifically formulated with humectants and other special ingredients to keep your skin moisturized and soft, while shaving cream can dry out your skin by stripping away your natural oils.

Give safety razors a chance

Shave your legs with a safety razor just once and feel the difference a smooth, close shave makes. Once you see and feel the difference, you’ll be hooked.