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Why the Gig Economy is Ideal for Working Parents

Mums and dads used to face some pretty dire choices when deciding how they were going to juggle their career with bringing up kids. But now the gig economy is providing parents with a range of more flexible options. Even with improved maternity, paternity and employment rights for parents, it’s still difficult for some parents – especially single parents – to juggle work and looking after their kids. Here’s why the gig economy is ideal for working parents.

You Can Choose Your Own Hours

Every parent loves the option to choose from flexible working hours. And, the gig economy means that you’re in control and you can put in as little or as many hours as you choose, usually at a time of day that suits you best. If it’s easier for you to go to work at the weekend and let the kids spend some time with their grandparents, that’s entirely possible. Or you could choose to work evenings when the little ones are in bed; it’s up to you.

Working from Home is the Norm

There are some jobs that require you to go out and work, but for the most part, jobs like graphic design, social media management, virtual assistance, freelance writing, bookkeeping or web design can be done from anywhere that you have a computer or laptop and a reliable internet connection. Providing professional services like this can bring in a decent chunk of pay and since you can work them around your and your child’s needs, you won’t need to spend a huge amount of your income on childcare.

There are Plenty of Options to Choose From

The gig economy is open to pretty much anybody with loads of different jobs that you can do. If you have a decent and fairly modern family car with five doors, this could double up as a taxi or an Uber if you pass the requirements, and doing this job means that it’s easy to leave the kids with your partner or a relative for a few hours in the evening on the weekends when people are more likely to use this service. Don’t forget to get minicab insurance if you want to make money as a taxi driver; you can find minicab insurance quotes and compare them to get the best policy.

Of course, if you do prefer to work from your own home there are plenty of jobs that you can take on too, such as the professional services mentioned above. You can work for one company exclusively or take on projects from a range of different clients; it’s up to you.

Juggling work with raising a young family has never been easier thanks to the gig economy. Being in control of their own work, choosing their own hours and working on projects that interest them is ideal for working parents.