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Why Use Stretch Hood Film?

Why Use Stretch Hood Film?

Stretch hood is a packaging method that provides a variety of advantages, including speed of wrapping, cost reductions, and outdoor storage possibilities. A tubular film is sealed at one end while the other end is stretched over a palletized load or object. Five sides of the load are contained and protected. A specialized piece of equipment is used to apply the stretch hood film over the pallet. Stretch hood film provides protection for any type of palletized load, as long as the stretch hood film comes from a trusted manufacturer. The following is an overview of the advantages of choosing a good stretch hood film manufacturers.


Using stretch hood film allows the wrapping of pallet loads to be far more efficient. Palletized loads can be used in conjunction with the stretch hood pallet wrapping machine. The machine is placed on a conveyor belt where load-bearing pallets are positioned. Photoelectric sensors can determine the parameters of products, and guide the machine’s arms around the product. The machine and stretch hood film can wrap up to 150 pallets an hour. This is far quicker and more efficient than hand-wrapping the pallet loads.

Cost reduction

Another advantage of stretch hood film is the standardization of the wrapping process and thus, a reduction in costs. Due to stretch hoods being able to stretch as well as conform to different shaped loads, there is a reduction in material use. In addition, there is less waste as the entire stretch hood is used for each pallet load. This also results in a lower energy consumption, as well as allowing there to be an automatic packaging process for the wrapping of palletized loads.


When transporting loads, protection of the products is highly important. Stretch hood film provides protection against rain, wind, sunlight, dust, and dirt. In addition, the stretch hood also protects against theft, as the film is strong enough to deter any potential theft of goods. The stretch hood film can provide a tough and resistant barrier ensuring that products are secure in the journey from warehouse to customer.

Overall there are myriad advantages that using a stretch hood film can provide. Using a stretch hood film can provide efficiency since all of the palletized loads are prepared on a conveyor belt to be systematically secured by the stretch hood pallet wrapping machine. It also provides cost reduction, as the stretch hoods have a certain degree of standardization that allows them to be used in the same way even with variable loads. Finally, the stretch hood film provides protection from the elements and from potential theft.

If you are managing a warehouse that is constantly transporting goods and products, using stretch hood film can provide all of these advantages, especially if the stretch hood is from MMP, a trusted manufacturer.