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Why You Should Freeze Your Eggs

Fertility is a serious issue for those who want to have children in the future. Sometimes freezing your eggs is the solution and there is no better place to do egg freezing in Newport Beach than OC Fertility.

A couple or single woman can choose to freeze their eggs so that they can be in prime condition when they decide to have a child. Donors can also have their eggs frozen to help those who cannot have children to have a family.

The decision for a woman to freeze her eggs is an intensely personal one. However, the following are reasons why you should seriously consider freezing your eggs:

You are Over Thirty Years Old and Single

We have all heard of women’s eggs or fertility referred to as a ticking time bomb. The closer you get to forty, the closer you are to explosion, so to speak.

A woman’s fertility declines from the age of 28 and continues to do so until menopause. The decline from the age of 35 is faster and a woman who is 40 has only a 5% chance of getting pregnant.

Therefore, if you are over 30 and have not yet a partner to start a family with, you should definitely freeze your eggs. It improves your chances of getting pregnant as you get older.

You Want a Child Later but Not Now

The modern woman lives a very different life from prior decades. There are many things you may want to accomplish in your youth that you will simply be unable to in later years.

If you are in the military, are not financially secure, or want career advancement, you may decide to hold off on having a child. In that case, freezing your eggs is the ideal solution especially if you are over 30.

High Chance of Results

Research has shown that eggs that contain single cells are more fertile than embryos so freezing the former is more likely to result in a baby than the latter.

The technology is very advanced and recent but the results speak for themselves. Many women have used fertility clinics to create a family.

On the other hand, freezing your eggs does not mean assured success and will largely depend on the fertility clinic and the people working therein. Larger clinics usually have better equipment, more experienced personnel, and hence better outcomes than small clinics but you should evaluate each clinic independently.

If You Have a Medical Condition

There are medical conditions that may limit a woman’s fertility. If you can no longer bear a child due to health reasons, freezing your eggs is a possible solution.

Medical conditions like severe endometriosis or recurring ovarian cysts limit fertility. Progressive diseases such as kidney disease, or sickle cell disease can also necessitate fertility preservation.

Cancer is a medical condition that particularly affects your fertility. Not only will the condition affect your fertility but the treatments will as well. You should ask your doctor about the effect the treatment will have on your fertility and freeze your eggs accordingly.