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Why you should manage pain to improve your everyday life functions

It is prudent to seek medical help when suffering from chronic pain that extends for months. Chronic pain could persist despite home remedies and could necessitate further treatments such as physical therapy, radiofrequency, and surgery. Look for a McAllen pain medicine physician who will guide you on the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Home Remedies That Work For Back Pain

Although it could be challenging to walk and exercise with chronic pain, it can help you stretch the muscles and deal with chronic pain. You could go for short walks, practice slow yoga, and undertake water exercises which could be low impact activities that help you alleviate the back pain. Ensure that the workouts are short and done regularly as this could help strengthen the muscles and keep you flexible when you are healing.

You could also use hot and cold treatments to help relieve your back pain. Heating and cooling could be beneficial when used directly on the injured part as it helps muscles relax. It is better not to apply ice for more than 20 minutes on the injured part, and you should also use heat on the part for a short duration. Use a heating pad of a bottle of hot water on the injured part.

You could apply over the counter pain relieving cream that could provide you with some pain relief, and you could find these creams in your local pharmacies.

You should get enough sleep as a lack of sleep could affect how much pain you can tolerate. Uncomfortable pillows and mattresses could also affect the intensity of pain. You should talk with a pain management expert if you are not getting enough sleep. It could help if you treated sleeping disorders which could be causing you sleepless nights. It is essential to understand the pain relief that you could get from getting enough sleep.

Radiofrequency Neurology for Treating Pain

When you use the radiofrequency method of pain management, your doctor could place needles near the nerve endings on the injured areas. The needles could be heated, heating the nerves nearby, thus disrupting the pain signal sent to the brain. You could be sedated when undergoing radiofrequency neurology, as this makes the procedure more comfortable, and local anesthesia could be placed on the injured area.

Pain management from radiofrequency neurology could vary from one patient to the next. Some could have intense pain while others could have mild pain. The radiofrequency procedure, however, is painless and low risk and could be better than invasive procedures like surgeries. The radiofrequency procedure could be a better alternative to drug use such as opioids, as opioids could result in drug dependency.


Pain might reduce the quality of life and make it difficult for you to complete everyday activities. It is prudent to treat chronic back pain so that you could start enjoying working for longer hours and be more comfortable. You could practice home pain reduction remedies such as resting, practicing yoga, and stretching. If these home remedies do not work for your pain, you could opt for radiofrequency treatments and other forms of surgery.