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Why You Should Opt for Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can grow in different parts of the body, leading to insecurities; fortunately, you can remove this hair using waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal. However, it would be best to compare the method’s costs before choosing the hair removal method suitable for you. Shaving and waxing might be more cost-effective than laser hair removal in the short term. However, the laser hair removal cost can be favorable in the long run.

It reduces hair growth drastically, and eventually, you would no longer need to shave due to minimized growth, resulting in unnoticeable hair growth. Additionally, laser hair removal is much less time-consuming as compared to other methods of removing hair, and the results are also long-lasting. It is also a safe and effective method with minimal risks of any side effects. So, if you have been considering getting laser hair removal in Morristown, NJ (or wherever you reside), then this guide will likely help you decide whether or not you should get it.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

According to stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal could cost about $285 per session and some treatments can run up to $1,500 per session. The cost of the treatment will vary depending on the size of the area under treatment, the provider’s expertise, and your location. Therefore, it is worthwhile to research and compare different cosmetic treatment centers, so that you can find the most appropriate one (like this Vanity Compound – laser hair removal clinic) that offers this procedure at a reasonable cost.

Although, in some cases, laser hair removal might seem costly, it is worth it as it drastically reduces the amount of hair on the treated site. It reduces growth, and if you undergo subsequent treatments, it might reach a point that the hair does not grow, reducing the need for shaving. Moreover, you can apply the treatment to any part of the body which the machine can cover. You can use it to remove hair on the legs, back, underarms, bikini lines, and face. There is no limit to the places that you can get laser hair removal. You can find some treatment centers that use FDA-approved devices like Palomar Vectus, which could measure your skin type and exact pigment consistency, to give you desirable results. One such service provider is RKM Aesthetics & Wellness – Laser Hair Removal.

Compared to other methods of hair removal, laser hair removal is not painful, and its pain level falls between painless shaving and waxing. However, your technician can use ice to numb the area before applying laser treatment. Moreover, the procedure gets less painful as one undertakes subsequent therapies. The hair becomes thinner with subsequent treatments making it easier to remove it with laser beams.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

It is a long process that requires more doctor’s visits; although the procedure is done in a few minutes, you will have to book for subsequent visits to get rid of hair permanently. However, once done with the visits, you might not need to shave the hair entirely as the procedure results in a drastic decline in hair growth.

People of color might not benefit from the treatment as the procedure requires a definite contrast between skin color and hair color, allowing the laser beams to pick out the follicles. People with darker skin tones would have the skin pigmentation fighting with the follicles for attention, making the procedure less effective. It does not mean people of color should not undergo the treatment; however, they should choose experienced laser therapists who are adequately equipped with machines that can distinguish between the skin pigment and hair follicles.

Final Thoughts

Although laser therapy might be costly per session, it is the best treatment for hair removal as it drastically reduces hair growth. In the first session, it removes the hair and reduces the density of the subsequent growths. The following treatments will lead to fine hair, which is easy to remove, and if you choose to undergo more treatments, it reduces the hair growth to the point that you might not need to shave in the future.