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Your Perfect Guide To Keep Your Home Away From Spider Invasion

Spiders don’t cause much harm to you unless they are poisonous. You can blame them for littering your house with webs, eggs, and feces, though. But who likes those things anyway? Most of us fear spiders and can’t stand them for all the right reasons, which is why investing in reliable spider control services becomes a viable option.

However, you never know when you are expecting these eight-legged creepy creatures. So, we have listed below all the ways to keep your home free of spiders –

Get a spider catching tool

To your surprise, a spider catching tool is a real thing and is readily available online. It’s a vacuum that catches spiders without killing them. You can free the spiders at a safer distance from your house. With this magical invention, you can be assured that your place is not going to turn into a pest haven.

Diffuse aromatic oils

Let us just put it this way. Spiders are not a big fan of strong smells. They are repelled by anything that is too fragrant. There goes your hack number two. Get an oil diffuser and aromatic essential oil. This is enough to fend off spiders and uplift your mood at the same time. 

Spray vinegar

Vinegar mixed with water isn’t a spider’s best friend. So, it is totally about your interest if you spray this mixture in the nooks and crannies of your house. However, when you spray vinegar, make sure it is placed a safe distance from your eyes.

Use blinds

There are certain flies that are attracted to lights. Interestingly enough, spiders feed on these insects. So, if you keep the lights on inside your house all the time, you should use blinds and folds. It is quite obvious that insects are attracted to food. So, if they find their diet in your house, they are going to live there.

Rub citrus peels

Spiders despise citrus. So, you can rub peels of citrus fruits around the shady areas where you think spiders can live. You can also light citrus-scented candles in the corners of your house.

Keep your home clean

This might be on the bottom of the list, but it is the easiest way to make sure your house is free of spiders or any other pest, for that matter. Cleaning does not merely mean washing the floors. It also means dusting the furniture and windowsills. You should also keep your place correctly ventilated.

Place a garlic

Garlic is known to repel vampires. However, it also wards off spiders. Garlic has a pungent smell. As mentioned above, spiders can not stand strong smells. It doesn’t matter if it is a pleasant smell or a bad smell. So, the ultimate conclusion drawn here is that you can place garlic in the cold and dark areas of your house. Spiders prefer to live there, and if they find a garlic clove there, they are most likely to run away.