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When Is It Time To Make Big Decisions About Your Aging Parents?

When you move from adolescence into adulthood, there are lots of big decisions that you need to make about yourself. When you hook up with a partner and decide to have a family, another set of choices start presenting themselves. But then after that stage in your life, at some point, you have to move into territory where you will be making big decisions about your aging parents. It is a difficult time for everyone, so it’s important to think about it ahead of time if you can.

The timing of these big decisions is different for every individual case, but there are some general things that you can look into. For example, it may be time to put your parents into an assisted living facility. Or, some people go the route where they move their parents in with them. If there is a drastic change in your parents’ mental states, that may be a time where you have to make practical decisions about what to do with them. And if possible, you should discuss options before you have to choose these big things.

Assisted Living

If your parents need assistance with day-to-day activities, that may mean helping them get into an assisted living facility. There are beautiful places all around the world that function in this capacity and many parents ultimately find that life is more relaxed and more free-flowing once they accept and embrace this kind of environment. Assisted living is good for many people because it means that they will not necessarily negatively affect their family members because of the extra care and attention they need.

Moving Them In With You

Sometimes there is a choice of having parents move in with you when they get older. It has pros and cons. On the positive side, it may mean that you become closer to your parents because of physical proximity, and they can also act as babysitters, or help you do things like cook and clean. Some of the negative consequences might be that if there is a personality conflict, it can get out of hand quickly.

Changes In Mental State

If one or both of your parents go through changes in their mental states, it might be time to think about moving them into a different environment. If you see signs or symptoms of dementia, for example, you need to get them into a situation where they can be safe even if they start forgetting things.

Making Decisions Before Things Get Tense

It is no surprise when parents get older. It is no surprise when they start losing mental and physical faculties. Even if you don’t want to admit that these are going to happen, it’s crucial that you prepare for them. When everyone is still lucid and logical, you should make as many decisions as possible before things become tense later.