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How to never give up with Shakuntali Siberia: I don’t know how, but I will do it

This ancient Temple Practice that Shakuntali Siberia wants to share with you today, will help you to overcome all obstacles, become a more happy, powerful and successful person.

Shakuntali Siberia did learn all her life the knowledges from priestesses and shamans and know in this very special time in the history of humankind, she is here to help you. Since her childhood this ancient practices from the Temples that Shakuntali Siberia now shares with all women, did always lift her up, restore her with power and helped her to always be happy and overcome difficult situations in life.
How to never lose hope

Due to the extraordinary situation of coronavirus the majority of people in this world are in fear, stress and even panic and have no idea what to do about. But when it seems that you are at dead end, Shakuntali Siberia knows how to turn the destiny back on the course of luck and happiness.
So she has for you today another very powerful ancient practice that she learned in the Temples, that will bring you sense, new purposes, happiness and joy into your life.

Learn here from Shakuntali Siberia this mudra of Jupiter and the special words that will make you feel, that you can do everything. Because you can. – Just have faith.
I don’t know how but I can do it!

Overcome now with the power of Jupiter the chains that Saturn puts on us with coronavirus, expand your aura, become more powerful and grow bigger. This mudra that Shakuntali Siberia teaches us today attracts Jupiter’s energy and let the spirits start hearing you.– Jupiter represents the Vishuddha chakra and the area on your neck.

Shakuntali Siberia explains that with this practice you will overcome all obstacles and problems, just practice this whenever you feel that negativity is in your system.

Let’s start and turn negative feelings and emotions to happiness, harmony and positive energy: For the mudra of Jupiter bend the ring and middle fingers and touch the tip of the thumb, while the index finger and pinkie finger you have to keep straight. Shakuntali Siberia explains that like this we attract the energy of Jupiter. And so that the spirits will hear you, together with the mudra say now with strong intention and all your faith: ‘I don’t know how but I will do it’. Think in your difficult situation that you want to solve and repeat those words while imagining that your problem is being solved.

Say ‘I don’t know how but I will do it’, then make a circle with your hand and unite your index fingers together. Feel the energy that enters your body and expands your aura. Feel how you are becoming more powerful and how faith and self-confidence are growing inside of you. Say those magic words and the spirits will always show you new opportunities to solve your problems.

Practice this every morning, three to seven times a week and share your great results of success with Shakuntali Siberia. Subscribe to her blog and youtube channel. Please help as well your friend and share this mudra with them. Enjoy more happiness together, always. Namaste!