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Family time – discovering Texas

Nothing says adventure like a real-life Texan ranch with horse riding, aromatic BBQs, wineries, golfing, kayaking, and of course, dressing like you’ve walked straight off the set of a Spaghetti Western. Texas is one of those places that has its own culture, its own style, its own personality. Just because you may have been to New York doesn’t mean you’ve been to all of America.

So if you are considering a trip with your family and if you’re looking for something with a little more flavour than your average beachside holiday, it may be time to let the cowboys and cowgirls of Texas tempt you towards spending your time in the state that’s so big it has its own power grid – which is just an impressive fact on its own, not that you’ll want to visit to see the network of power lines, but because Texas is so big that it can almost be thought of as its own country.

First of all, you’ll need to get around. Take up a car rental deal from the airport, and bear in mind that if anything goes wrong and you or any of your family ends up injured, you may need to speak to a lawyer. See personal injury lawyer in Plano, for example. That being covered, let’s look at what you can expect to experience from your time at any one of the many vacation style “dude ranches” Texas has to offer.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a staple part of all dude ranch experiences. Typically, you can expect your hosts to lay on one or two lessons per day for complete beginners, normally lasting anywhere up to an hour. These guided sessions are designed to get you in the saddle straight away, so that you can begin to enjoy the Texan rancher lifestyle perched high on the back of your trusty steed.

Line dancing

How are your double heel digs and grapevines? Do your pivot turns need a little work? How about breaking out into a little triple step or a weave? Line dancing is more fun than you’d ever imagine, with slow and easy dances for beginners that will have you laughing and smiling along with the tunes as you meander in and out of step with the instructions.

Hiking trails and mountain biking

Ranches are not in the middle of towns and cities. They are set in the rolling picturesque Texan hills. This gives you ample time to explore nature with guided hiking and mountain bike tours that go into the history of the area and the types of wildlife living nearby. Also, if you wish to witness the true beauty of landscapes and forest trails, you may need to purchase a mountain bike from an online retailer (see 29er mountain bikes for sale).

Attending live concerts

Attending live concerts is not only entertaining but also offers an opportunity to bond with each other and explore their taste in music. Apparently, Texas is known for its vibrant music scene and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy live musical performances. One such event that is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories is the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It tends to offer a family-friendly environment, with plenty of activities for kids and adults alike. Music-savvy parents can check out the Austin City Limits schedule to plan their trip to Texas accordingly.

Summing it up

Texas is a state that offers a wide range of activities for families to enjoy together. Whether it is horseback riding, line dancing, or live concerts, there is something for everyone. The beautiful scenery and warm weather make it an ideal location for outdoor activities. So pack your bags, grab your family, and head to Texas for an unforgettable family vacation filled with fun and adventure.