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Spring Break Staycation Suggestions For Your Family

Try saving some money this year, and plan a family staycation for yourself and the kids. You have to work a little harder to make it interesting, because the kids are probably dying to get away. The task is not an impossible one to conquer.

A safer, more realistic view on spring break revelry, the staycation has been entertaining families for generations. Introduce your kids to the idea with an excellent itinerary in hand. Here are a few cool ideas for a spring break staycation with the whole family.

Camp out in the backyard

Camping with the kids is a timeless idea full of fun happenings. Even if you’re just camping in the backyard, the idea of sleeping somewhere other than the bed is exciting for kids.

If your kids are a little older, try taking them to a nearby national park for camping. Go hiking during the days, and tell ghost stories by the campfire by night. You’ll make memories, whether you want to or not.

Take the kids to a local entertainment spot

It’s likely that you live close to some spots that would be considered a vacation destination for others who don’t live nearby. Take a day trip to a nearby tourist hotspot.

You’ll spend less time riding in the car and take less of a risk of having a car accident by planning a “close-to-home” adventure. Utilize the convenience of your location to explore an amusement park or zoo, and the kids won’t find themselves twiddling their thumbs.

Throw a pool party for all the kids

Depending on where you live, you may be able to throw an outdoor pool party for your kids and all of their friends. Your kids will gain plenty of notoriety, and you’ll have a quiet evening. Spending the day in the sun and in the swimming pool will zap anyone of their energy, making for a comfortable night’s sleep.

If it’s still too cold outside, go to a local hotel with an indoor pool. You won’t be able to throw a huge bash, but the kids will have fun staying the night away from home.

Plan for a movie marathon

Grab a load of snacks, and perch the family on the couch for a movie marathon. Choose a series of movies like the Harry Potter movies, and watch the whole lot of them. Your kids will have tons of fun playing couch potatoes for a day.

Visit a local farm or food factory

Kids enjoy exploring where things come from and how things work. Take a day of the spring vacation to visit a local farm, and pick some fresh foods. Use the foods the kids chose to cook a delicious dinner later in the evening.